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Chip Kelly is history, get over it!

By Herman L. Brame
2020-04-09 18:52:12 by Chief Editor
Summary:Duck football coach flies off to the Eagles.
As a former Duck athlete I am respectful of Chip Kelly's contributions to Duck football, but I can't understand the sentiments of some Duck fans who feel betrayed or frightened by his decision to leave the Ducks and take the head coaching job with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Duck football program began in 1894 and has been built on a firm foundation consisting of thousands of past players, coaches and supporters. Kelly did not build this foundation. When he came to Oregon he found an ascending program that needed some additional sparks to attains it present status.

Although Oregon has gone 46 and 7, and 2 and 2 in bowl games under Kelly it was not he who made the Ducks a program capable of reaching national bowls. Beginning in 1917 when the Ducks won the Rose Bowl the program has steadily earned bowl births up to the time of Kelly's arrival. He came to Oregon not as a savior, but as a professional hired to coach the football team.

Todays major college football coaches are strictly professionals who are paid millions of dollars to coach amateur teenagers and young twenty-somethings. Chip Kelly was not born and raised in Oregon nor did he attend the University of Oregon. He did not come to Oregon to become an Oregonian. Kelly came to coach the game he loves, enhance his career and make money.

Unfortunately some Duck fans view Kelly as a beloved savior who has left or some sort of native son who has turned his back on his roots. In fairness to Kelly he should be viewed as a professional who was given an opportunity to work for the Ducks until a better professional opportunity came his way. Today it is not uncommon for millionaire coaches to go from college to college or back and forth between college and the NFL in search of personal opportunities and treasure.

The days of coaches such as John McEwan who taught English while coaching the Ducks during the 1920s are long gone. Todays head coaches are strictly professionals with aspirations to work for the top colleges or the NFL. The only amateurs left in major college football are the players and fans.

Chip Kelly will be replaced by another top professional coach who will like Kelly lean on the firm foundations of Duck football culture and history. He is a man who did the job he was hired to do. This should be a one day news story that will be permanently etched in Duck sports history.


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